About Us

Qingdao IniKem BioPharmalTech Co., Ltd (abbreviated as "IniKem") was founded in 2015, the founding team came from the leading enterprise in the biomedical Industry in China, the core researchers having more than 12 years’ R&D experience in average. The research findings of our founder (namely Dr. Gong Bin) had been commented and appraised by Professor Benjamin List who’s the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2021.



IniKem devoted to the research & development of fine biological chemistry, our biological toxins product series are in a league of its own. IniKem is also the first and single one who developed the full range of mycotoxins standards in high purity in China, with the kilogram production capacity for single mycotoxin. IniKem is also one of the few manufacturers of carbon-13 isotope labeled mycotoxins internal standards in the worldwide.



IniKem also offer molecular blocks and active drug molecules used for new drug R&D, have provided such products to well-known pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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