Qingdao IniKem BioPharmaTech Co., Ltd (abbreviated as "IniKem") was established in 2015, is the national high-tech company. The founding team members ever worked in global leading bio-pharmaceutical companies, with an average of over 12 years’ R&D experience. The research achievements of our founder (Dr. Bin Gong) were commented and appraised by Professor Benjamin List, the 2021 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.



IniKem devotes to research and development of fine biochemicals through microbial fermentation, plant extraction and chemical synthesis, and their applications in life and health science such as food and environment safety, new drug R&D, etc. Our products include biological toxin reference standards (mycotoxins, microcystins, phytotoxins, etc.), chemical reference standards (chloropropanols, organophosphates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc.), building blocks for new drug R&D (aliphatic amines, chiral amines, etc.) and active pharmaceutical ingredients, etc. Biological toxin reference standards are our golden products.



IniKem is the first and single one who developed the full range of mycotoxin standards in high purity in China and is the top 3 manufacturer of carbon-13 isotope labeled mycotoxin internal standards worldwide. IniKem owns several innovative Chinese patents, from the fungal inoculation, fermentation, to extraction and purification, the whole process is handled, operated, and continuously improved by our core team members, and has the capability of manufacturing mycotoxins from gram to kilogram scales upon request of customers.



IniKem is qualified to ISO9001, provides biotoxin products with the highest purity in China, committed to the highest business ethics, had never marked any products with fake parameters. Our main customers are those who have severe control on qualities, e.g., national reference standard materials research institutions, centers for disease control and prevention, the Customs, the third party of food and environmental safety laboratories, mycotoxin diagnostic kits manufacturers, biological toxin research institutes and big biopharmaceutical companies. IniKem is the exclusive supplier of biological toxins for a global well-known company in 2020~2023. Several institutions use our products (Aflatoxin B1, M1, DON and Patulin) to produce Chinese national reference standard materials. The qualities of Fumonisin B1, B2 and B3 have taken the world’s leading position and experimentally confirmed by top-ranking analytical companies in China. IniKem corporates with pharmaceutical enterprises and actively engages in exploring the medicinal value of biotoxins, and some of our mycotoxins have also been selected by the big pharmaceutical companies for their new drug R&D pipelines.



IniKem provides customers not only products with competitive quality and price, but also differentiated specifications and custom services to meet various actual requirements. In terms of technics, quality and competitive price, IniKem is capable of offering the best biotoxin solutions to any customers worldwide.

Company Culture

In pursuit of excellence and high edge technics, open, large-hearted, democratic, creative, innovative, provide broadest platform for each employees’ career development.


Make fine biochemicals with high quality. Serve food/environment safety and new drug R&D. Protect life and health.


To be the global creative leader of fine biochemicals. To be the benchmark of biotoxin standards.


Customer first, teamwork, persistent improving, work with fun, integrity and practical, pursuit of excellence.