U-[13C17]- Aflatoxin G1 in acetonitrile

Stable isotope compounds have almost identical molecular structures, chemical properties, chromatographic and mass spectrometry behaviors with the analyte, which can effectively eliminate ionization changes and matrix effects. Therefore, they are widely used in clinical medical research, biomedical, environmental science, food detection, and other fields.

U-[13C17]-Aflatoxin G1 is a fully uniformly 13C stable isotope-labeled form of aflatoxin G1, which makes it distinguishable from the unlabelled molecule.

U [13C17] - aflatoxin G1 in acetonitrile solution provided by IniKem can be directly used for the accurate determination of aflatoxin G1 content in various type of food, grain, oil, herbs, feed and other products using LCMS/MS stable isotope dilution analytical method.


The 13C stable isotope-labeled internal mycotoxin standards offered by IniKem:


  • Commercialized in China since 2019 
  • High purity
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • Comparable to international first tier brands
  • Cumulative sales 12000 mL+
  • Various concentration and packaging (on demand)
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CAS number: 1217444-07-9
Catalog Number: IK-U-AFTG1-AN0.5-1.2mL
Specification: 0.5 ug/mL, 1.2 ml/Vial 
Molecular weigh:342